Mezzo German System

MEZZO Modular System is an all-round solution. It can be customized, expanded or adapted to suit any space, branding or product types. Advantages of System:

  • Visually appealing with its striking LED back lighted system
  • Unlimited design possibilities that can be used anywhere, anytime
  • Eco-friendly, energy saving
  • Cost effective
  • Easy assembling , dismantling and transportation
  • Counters, product display , shelves and TV screens mount options, can be added

Our service

  • Full Design services
  • Highly experienced and fully dedicated Project Management, including detail planning and execution
  • Trade show coordination services: Stand registration, forms submission, deadlines and follow ups with organizers

MEZZO SYSTEM is used to build exhibition stands, mall kiosks, retail displays, conferences, road shows, corporate sales areas, etc